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White Bean Enchiladas + Green Chile Sauce



I get so much pleasure out of teaching yoga and making connections with so many different people. One thing I have discovered, unexpectedly to tell you the truth, is that it is such a joy to teach yoga to families. Seeing parents engage with their kids on the mat…being silly together and being focused, making animal noises and playing games and then lying still at the end of the class.

Family Yoga Night has become something I so look forward to and thoroughly enjoy. After the class, we usually have a potluck (it’s a yoga thing!). This month, I made these yummy white bean enchiladas. I’ve made black bean/sweet potato enchiladas with red sauce for years. So I thought how about white beans with green sauce and it works perfectly. I adapted a recipe for the sauce from a cookbook I picked up while traveling in New Mexico last summer. It’s a winner.

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