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Zucchini Cashew Burgers + Lemon Aioli



Love to make veggie burgers.  Love to eat veggie burgers.  So happy when I come up with a new way to make veggie burger night just a little different.  And think it’s super fun to get my hands mushy by shaping patties.

Sounds like I have a crush on veggie burgers. Well maybe I do. They are awesome, you know.  But finding a good recipe isn’t always easy.  I’ve definitely met some duds. That’s for sure.

Wouldn’t normally think about lemon in a veggie burger, but it’s a nice addition that makes this version really kind of perfect for a summertime meal on the patio. You can throw this together in no time.  Just whiz everything in the food processor, shape and saute. Easy breezy.

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