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Crazy Happy Veggie Sushi Bowl


I could eat veggie sushi anytime, anywhere, any day. Really. No lie. I love it. At home, I like to make it with avocado, cucumber and carrots. I think the whole process is fun. Making the sushi rice and spreading it out on a sheet tray. Rolling the nori and fillings on a sushi mat. Mixing wasabi and pickled ginger with soy sauce. And eating my creation with chop sticks.

But the other day, I started to think about putting all that good stuff in a big bowl. It makes a great light lunch or you could whip up some miso soup and have asian soup and salad night for dinner.

As you would with sushi, start by making the rice. When it is cooked, spread it on a sheet tray and season with rice vinegar mixed with agave and sea salt.



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