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Peruvian Vegetable Stew

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Peruvian Vegetable Stew topped with Salsa Criolla

” Not all those who wander are lost.” ┬áJ.R.R. Tolkien

Spent an amazing weekend at Wanderlust Festival Austin recently. This year’s event was just as wonderful as last year’s or maybe even a little better. The festival includes tons of yoga classes, workshops, music, cool vendors and more. It’s a wonderful time to connect with friends, do LOTS of yoga of course and include a bit of wandering.

Yogis tend to be seekers and part of that path includes straying off a set course from time to time. This is usually where the good stuff happens: serendipity, growth, discovery.

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Baked Plantains + Chow Chow



I got the idea for this fun little side dish when I went to my brother’s wedding in Charlotte this past weekend. The very thoughtful bride and groom made sure there was a vegan plate for me at the reception. Wasn’t that super nice? Anyways, the chef came to my table to explain what he had put together. I think he was a little excited and frankly, so was I.

So, he roasted and sauteed a ton of vegetables, including cherry tomatoes, broccolini, fingerling potatoes and plantains. He served it all with an avocado puree and good old fashioned southern chow chow.

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