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Mess o’ Greens Gumbo



With Fat Tuesday tomorrow, it seems like the perfect time to make a big old pot of my favorite gumbo: Gumbo Z’Herbs or as I like to call it Mess o’ Greens Gumbo. I adapted my recipe from the Gumbo Shop, a restaurant in New Orleans, where you can get, believe it or not, vegan gumbo. Yes, vegan gumbo in a town known for its seafood and andouille sausage and cooked gator.

I even made my batch gluten free for the first time by using GF all purpose flour in my roux. And it worked with a little help from some xanthan gum. Just whisk flour, xanthan gum and olive oil together until it smells like popcorn and turns the color of peanut butter.

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