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Vegan Artichoke Frittata



Okay, so a vegan frittata seems kind of impossible. Doesn’t it? I mean a frittata is made with eggs. That’s the deal. Well, Chef Chloe¬†Coscarelli is like this little vegan guru. And she has the best eggless frittata recipe in her cookbook, Chloe’s Kitchen.

She makes her’s with zucchini and calls it End-of-Summer Frittata. I got all clever and changed the zucchini to artichokes so it’s more of an end-of-spring/beginning-of-summer frittata. I used fresh artichokes, but you could easily use canned artichoke hearts and bottoms.

Fresh artichokes are a little work, but so awesome. Last summer I spent a few days in Salinas, CA which is just a few miles away from Castroville — the artichoke capital of America. So of course, every meal I had there included fresh artichokes. Heaven!

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