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Hummus 3 Ways


Don’t know about you, but hummus is a staple in my house. Yes, I buy store bought hummus and I admit it is pretty good. But, I like to make stuff myself when I can so I know what’s going into it. Even the really good brands have preservatives, stabilizers and natural flavorings. Ew.

On a recent trip to San Antonio, I had a fabulous pecan hummus at Green Vegetarian Cuisine in the Pearl Brewery complex. So like any good foodie, I came home and tried to make it myself. I think what I came up with is pretty close and super delicious.

Things are cooler in threes, so I made an avocado hummus based on a recipe from Chloe’s Kitchen and a red pepper hummus that I made up by throwing a bunch of ingredients in the food processor to see what would happen.

Any one of these would make a great appetizer or snack with carrots sticks and cucumber slices. I also love rice crackers with this and of course pita chips if you do gluten.

I made all three recipes with one and a half cans of chickpeas…a little goes a long way here.



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