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Spring Green Vegetable Soup



Spring is here in Houston and I so hope we get to enjoy it for a little while at least. Cool mornings and warm afternoons. Azaleas blooming all over the place. Summer tends to hit us quickly, so I really want to savor this time.

I’m finding myself motivated to clean out closets and (gasp) maybe even tackling a few windows. Spring cleaning just seems like the thing to do right now. I have more energy during this time, so why not put it to good use. Spring is a dynamic time of renewal, full of possibilities. A great time to start new projects and tap into your creative spirit.

Spring is also a great time to transition to lighter foods. Whenever possible, I like to eat with the seasons. Right now for me, it’s all about green vegetables. So I threw together this yummy little soup. It’s the kind of thing you can improvise with depending on what you find at your market.


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