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Chocolate Goji Berry Chia Oatmeal



I’m not a plan ahead kind of person much. Especially when it comes to cooking. But I’m always happy when I make overnight oatmeal. This version is especially decadent and can be a yummy dessert as well.

It all starts with a mason jar.

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Vegan GF Cherry Chocolate Chip Muffins



I’m going to tell you right now to plan on doubling this recipe or be ready to make another batch really soon. Because the recipe makes 9 muffins and they lasted about 9 minutes in my house. All my boys loved them. Their friends (even the ones that turn their nose up anytime I mention the word vegan) loved them.

I hardly ever make muffins. My husband makes a pretty great pumpkin muffin recipe every week to take to work and that’s sort of his thing. But I had these wonderful dried tart cherries lying around from my recent trip to Michigan and what goes better with cherries than chocolate?

So I made the muffins this week…

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Overnight Breakfast Puddings + Oats



Welcome to my new favorite thing: overnight breakfast pudding and oats. Why is it my favorite thing? Well. let’s start with awesome. This is awesome!!! It’s super easy. Just put a few ingredients in a jar, stick it in the fridge before your go to bed and wake up to a yummy satisfying breakfast treat.

I’ve been playing around with chia pudding for a while. Chia seeds are really good for you and soak them in coconut milk and they expand and turn into heaven. Chia is a great source of fiber, calcium, protein, omega-3 fatty acid and more. So what better way to start your day, than with this kind of manna.

Oats are a personal favorite of mine. I like them raw or slightly cooked. I’m not a fan of mushy oatmeal. This overnight version is perfect. I added some cashews and cashew milk for this recipe. It’s pretty darn amazing!

I also came up with a version that combines chia, oats and hemp seeds with some cacao powder for a chocolate breakfast concoction. Why not?

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Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes + Salted Caramel Frosting


FullSizeRender (26)

I don’t make things like this very often any more. But my hubby turned 50 last week and well, the man deserved a decent dessert to celebrate his big day. We spent his birthday weekend hiking and listening to live music in and around San Antonio. If you go, I recommend Government Canyon for some outdoor time. Beautiful scenery and well marked trails. For the music part, we went to Floore’s Country Store in Helotes and the iconic honkytonk, Gruene Hall in Gruene. Both are so fun and very Texas-y!

Ah, back to the cupcakes. I adapted a recipe from Chloe Coscarelli’s new cookbook: Chloe’s Vegan Italian Kitchen – which is an awesome book, btw. Her recipe is Raspberry Tiramisu Cupcakes and what I made is nothing like it. I will try out the full recipe at some point, but what I had in mind was a little more scaled back.  So I just made the vanilla cupcake portion of the recipe and it is perfect. Tasty. Moist. Light. Perfect.

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Vegan Chocolate Donuts With Peanut Butter + Chocolate Glazes


photo 2 (17)

This summer has found me wandering and traveling and tasting lots of wonderful things in lots of wonderful places. Had the most excellent vacation in the Pacific Northwest where my indulgences included some of the best coffee I’ve ever had and vegan donuts…preferably together.

The whole donut thing started in Seattle where we found Mighty-O Donuts on our very first day. We were looking to fuel up before our paddleboarding excursion on Puget Sound. Mighty-O promotes their donuts as organic and clean, but they don’t make a big deal about them being vegan. I like that. They are just donuts without any animal derived ingredients. No where that I could see was the word vegan used; on their website or at their storefront. Both times we went, the place was packed. People really do appreciate a good donut.

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Coconut Milk Panna Cotta + Fresh Cherries



I  ♥  panna cotta. But when I see it on restaurant menus, it’s almost never vegan. Panna cotta is an Italian dessert that’s a cross between jello and pudding. It’s typically made with cow’s milk and gelatin, neither of which are vegan. Gelatin, believe it or not, is made from cow or pig skins, ligaments, tendons and bones boiled in water. Disgusting. YUCK! Who wants to eat that? Not me…ever.

So I made a vegan version of this luscious dessert two ways: (1) with vegan gelatin powder (thanks to a little gift from my friend, Tessa) and (2) with agar agar flakes (a thickener derived from sea vegetables) to take the place of the gross gelatin. I like the agar agar version best, but try them both if you feel like it a decide which one you like. The texture for both is similar. The taste of the vegan gelatin version is a little tangy and the agar agar version is a bit richer.

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