Carrot Sweet Potato Juice



SWEET POTATO JUICE??? Wah??? Um, yes! It’s awesome.

Got this idea today after yoga class. My friend Mayra and I were talking about juicing. (This is a typical post-yoga class conversation, btw.) I mentioned that as it has been getting colder, I mostly want to juice carrots. They seem more warming to me; because of their color, because they are a root vegetable and because they go really well with ginger.

Mayra told me about her friend or maybe her sister or maybe her sister’s friend who combines carrots, sweet potato and ginger for her cold weather juicing. SWEET POTATO???? Wah??? How cool! So I immediately went home to try it.


I found a sweet potato in the pantry, gathered a few carrots and cut off a knuckle of ginger. I was so surprised at how much juice came out of the sweet potato. Crazy, right!?! After I juiced the three ingredients, I tasted the mixture. The sweet potato definitely gives the juice a different texture. It’s a little starchy, but not bad. At this point I decided to add some Asian pear to smooth out the texture a bit. This made the juice significantly sweeter, but it worked for me…thanks Mayra. 🙂


Carrot Sweet Potato Juice

Makes 1-2 servings

4-5 large carrots, unpeeled and rinsed

1 medium sweet potato, unpeeled, scrubbed, rinsed and cut into wedges

1 1inch piece fresh ginger, unpeeled

1/2-1 whole Asian pear, rinsed and cut into wedges

Juice all ingredients, alternating between them. So, juice a carrot and then a few sweet potato wedges and repeat until all fruit and vegetables have been juiced.

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