Fruity Spa Water



Lately, my kids have been asking me to buy them Vitamin Water, ugh. Have you read the label on that stuff? The list of ingredients is super long…IT’S WATER for Pete’s sake. Some of the flavors can have up to 32 grams of sugar. Yikes. Or if you buy the Vitamin Water Zero the sweetener is listed as erythritol and rebiana (stevia extract) which might be fine for some people, but smacks of chemical engineering to me.

So, I decided to put my bare yoga foot down and say no to Vitamin Water, Gatorade and Powerade in my house. I’m not naive. I’m sure my kids will still drink this stuff from time to time, but I’m not buying it any more.

As an alternative, I proposed to keep jars of water in the refrigerator with yummy combinations of fruit. My boys were actually a little excited about this. I’ve seen this idea floating around Facebook and thought it was worth a try.

We put filtered water in mason jars filled about 3/4 of the way and added:

Orange + Lemon + Apple

Pineapple + Mango + Kiwi

Lemon + Cucumber + Mint (for me)

They are all really refreshing. You can get as creative as you like here. For a sports drink, you can fill a water bottle with half Fruity Spa Water and half coconut water for electrolytes.

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