Baked Beet Chips + Dip



I know they are good for you, but beets have never been my favorite. I usually find the combination of earthy sweetness to be cloying and something I generally avoid. But I try to be an open minded foodie and thought I would mess around with beets and see if I could come up with something tasty.

You could really use this recipe with just about any root vegetable. Sweet potatoes, carrots and parsnips would all be good. And, I bet you anything, your kids will like this too…mine do.


I used a Benriner JapaneseĀ slicer to get the chips super thin. If you don’t have one or a mandoline this might be a little tricky to do with just a knife. A Benriner is a great little gadget to have and they are really affordable.


I used Chioggia beets for this recipe, but you could use red or yellow beets. Look at those pink and white stripes, aren’t they gorgeous? Who wouldn’t love this? I like this variety because the flavor is a little more mild. I found Chioggia beets at Whole Foods, but look for them at your local farmers market, too.

To keep this snack/appetizer heart healthy, I baked the beet slices instead of deep frying them. The dip couldn’t be easier and it’s super yummy — kind of like ranch dressing. Keep it around for carrot and celery sticks.

Happy snacking!

Baked Beet Chips

2 medium Chioggia beets

1/2-1 Tbsp extra virgin coconut oil, melted

sea salt, to taste

Preheat oven to 350. Slice beets thinly (about 1/16 in.) with mandoline or Benriner. Place in large bowl and pour coconut oil over. Toss beets to coat (I used my hands). Place beets on baking sheet without overlapping. Bake for 20-30 minutes, turning beet slices over about halfway through cooking time. When done, beets will be crispy around the edges. Remove to cooling rack to allow them to crisp further. Let cool and serve.

Dill Ranch Dip

1/2 cup plain almond milk (or any non-dairy) yogurt

1/4 Vegenaise (vegan mayo)

1 Tbsp fresh dill, finely chopped

1/2 tsp onion powder

1/2 tsp granulated garlic

sea salt + pepper, to taste

Drain excess water from yogurt, if necessary. Combine all ingredients in small bowl. Whisk until smooth. Taste and adjust seasonings. Refrigerate an hour or so before serving to let flavors blend.

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